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Our Services

The certainty about the content guarantees the clients of a transparent procedure and a true reliable recovery


Assays are safely performed with methods implemented and monitored by skilled staff. The methods are agreed upon with the customer and it is possible to take two routes:

the customer samples the material on its own premises and then sends it to Arezzo , which re-samples the material to check the correspondence of the precious metal content.
Arezzo makes its sampling department available and creates a uniform sample with the aid of blender and accurate mixing techniques

To ensure the protection of mutual interests, it is possible to use an independent laboratory and this opportunity  is also available  for the tests not performed inside Arezzo.


Our chemical laboratory selects the assay methods that best apply to the specific materials in order to accurately determine the precious metal content. The laboratory can carry out both gravimetric analysis (cupellation) and external ( third party ) instrumental analyses (ICP and XRF) with the utmost precision.

Having established the composition of metals, the most appropriate analysis methods for the type of material are selected and the most suitable procedure to recover precious metals is determined , communicated the results to the clients and duly expected its approval before proceeding .