Arezzo Refinery was established in 2009 by Italian partners who have more than thirty years of experience in the precious metals business.

The town of Arezzo in Italy is the main center of the goldsmith industry since five centuries and being originally the founders from that town and business field they brought with them the skills and experiences of such long tradition

The Company

The dimension and the structure of the company has been projected to match the necessary flexibility to work in large scale as well as in small scale without penalizing lead time or costs for the services delivered.

Our Vision

Arezzo Refinery Co.,Ltd. pursues its growth objectives responsibly and sustainably, upholding very high professional and managerial standards and using the most environmentally safe processes and technologies in order to reduce the impact of its manufacturing and business activities to a minimum.


The Mission

The scopes of the company are bound to increase the recovery , the recycle , the purification of silver and gold at the most effective grade and by those achievements minimizing the use of new mined precious metals in the whole industry.

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S&R commitment and Environmental policy

Arezzo Refinery Co.,Ltd. adheres to the ethical principles inspired and followed according to the Annex II of the OECD Due Diligence Guidance and the International Labour Organization (ILO) ( 2013 ) and we actively pursues the compliance with the legislative and regulatory provisions in all countries in which Arezzo Refinery Co., Ltd operates both as supplier or client and more specifically :

Legalities compliance, loyalty, correctness, transparency;

Confidentiality; identifiability

Respect of the life of the human beings by ensuring health protection , verification and control of the work environment and improving the work conditions of its employees

Respect and growth for the value of the person and the human resources

Respect for fair competition, as a crucial instrument for the development of the economic system

Respect for the environment and promoting the growth of awareness concerning the environmental protection actively performed in the work premises

Beware of scammers offering gold of uncertain origin or from unauthorized companies of which they do not show you documents. Always make your due diligence on companies and never ever send money in advance to companies you haven’t check authenticity and personally met validated representative

The Company