Authorizations & Certificates

RJC Certifications

In Arezzo we process and trade only POST MANUFACTURED RECYCLED and/or Grandfathered Gold and Precious Metals whose chain of supply has been ascertained by our due diligence and their practices entirety and substantially meet the COP and the COC requirements as defined by the RJC or by the LBMA or similar bodies

Responsible Jewelry Council is the world’s leading standard-setting organisation for the entire jewellery and watch industry.

Arezzo Refinery Co.,Ltd is a certified company of RJC that is positively helping to transform the supply chains to be more responsible and sustainable – by catalysing partnerships, underpinning trust in the globle jewellery and watch industry and securing a future that can be treasured for generations to come.
The meaning of the COP ( Code of Practices ) establishes that the procedures followed in Arezzo , from legalities and authorizations to labor , clients relations , final products are complying with the rules and the regulations of the Country where operations are performed and furthermore they also adhere with the UN dispositions in matters of human rights for labor and environment.

The COC ( Chain of Custody ) guarantees the operators and the clients that Arezzo product is performed along the laws and the self regulatory code of conduct expressed in its provenance claim and the whole supplying chain from inception to delivery is made according to the above ethical principles and compliances and it is passed in the very same state to the client .